Worship is an important part of the Christian faith. Each video I make has a story behind why it was made and so here is the context of ‘Culture of Worship’:

When I was 17 years old a youth worker said I had a worshippers heart. He told me never to loose it, which was encouraging but begged the question how could I loose it? Was that a possibility?

Just over a decade later I already fight to keep worship as a passion in my life, especially since becoming a pastor. Unfortunately I am aware many pastors will easily relate.

My focus as a pastor is looking after people and as such has slightly eclipsed my awareness of being a worshipper. To be honest I’ve spent more energy in some meetings trying to make Christianity presentable and acceptable to ‘the masses’ rather than promoting Jesus.

It’s incredibly frustrating learning how to love and shepherd people while not compromising my passion for a messy, creative, dancing God, as C. Baxter Kruger calls Him.

A place where you’re not the odd one out if you’re engaging in worship.

I wonder how many pastors relate? Sometimes I hold back my passion because I’m afraid I might ‘put people off God’, while there is some truth to this I find more often than not it easily becomes grey matter. An excuse for compromise.

Let me explain this dilemma: I’ve since discovered that passion is an infective condition that either invites people or intimidates them. As a pastor I hate the thought of Intimidating people and so reign in my passion. The issue is in the same brush stroke I leave out the invitation for other wild hearts to join me.

Though this is true in any area of faith it is especially enhanced in worship. After all worship is a foreign concept to the unbeliever; we’re worshipping an ‘invisible friend’ which in practice looks just as crazy as it sounds.

So what to do?

Essentially I have realised I need to stay true my call which is to love God and love man. Right now that looks like letting my passion for worship out of the shadows a little bit more. Dance a little bit wilder, laugh a little louder and sing a little more out-of-tune!

Just like King David who danced publicly in his underwear, maybe I need to stop hiding behind my title and worrying about the critics (though I may restrain the public underwear worship).

My call as a pastor is simply to lead people to Christ. Now I see my passion for worship as a way to do that. In my freedom expressed I lay an invitation for others to jump in too. My heart is to create a culture of worship. A place where you’re not the odd one out if you’re engaging in worship which is something crucial to kids and youth ministry, of which I am involved.

What about you?

If we leave passion all locked up it will surely simmer down and eventually faith will become a grey-scale routine. Passion was made to explode! Check out the video above which gives a great summary of my journey. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to stay updated on all mattguddat.com vlogs. I hope that inspire and encourage your Faith in Freedom.

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