Have you ever had a moment where for just one second the Bible made sense. Somebody said something in church or in a podcast and it all clicked into place. You got it. Not only that but it touched your soul.

Often this happens when we read the Bible through a new lens or in a different light. We are hearing the same passage again but all our preconceived ideas, theologies, conclusions and mindsets are temporarily thrown out of the window. We see something like we’ve never seen it before.

For me moments like this have proven to be extremely enlightening, they free me to feel, think, and taste God outside of my familiarity. They swoosh me up into a birds eye view and my faith is renewed in freedom.

I love experiencing God outside the box of my own confines and love to help others do the same. I love to lead people to a place where their faith is free to feel and dance. This, to me, is the way faith was always meant to be because Faith is Freedom.

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