Vision is the experience of living a dream or aspiration before it becomes a reality.

A few weeks ago I was chatting with a friend who is a leader in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) – one of the largest christian missions organisations in the world. We were catching up over lunch when I dropped an innocent question, “why do some YWAM campuses flourish while others lack life and luster?”

His answer was twofold: Vision and Management.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18

Visionaries are people who live for the future and hold it in sight always. Managers are people who help visionaries achieve their goals. Yet whatever kind of person you are, visionary or manager or daydreamer, every human has the capacity and gifting to hold a vision.

A vision is not a goal, idea or aim. It’s a tangible experience that simulates the future. It’s the anticipation that sweeps you when you book a holiday to the Mediterranean. Before you’re there you can taste the salt water on your lips, feel the sand crunching under your feet and sense the cool sea breeze washing waves against your ankles. Before you arrive you feel. You see and feel the experience while slaving away in your beige, windowless office somewhere.

“Every human has the capacity and gifting to hold a vision”

It’s not hard to have a vision, most of us do. It’s the thing we pine for, dream of and set our life towards: family, friendship, business, lifestyle.

My vision is to reach people with the immeasurable good news of God. That He is the best thing to have ever happened on planet earth. I can see myself capturing audiences in the thousands throughout stadiums worldwide. I can see books, videos, TV, radio and international travel. I can see life being a pleasure to live rather than a fight to survive. I see a healthy and strong family, ambitious and whole. I can feel it. I can taste it.

Forgive me for repeating an already told story on, but it is one found in Tara Holland.

Tara won Miss America in 1997. After her victory Tara was asked in an interview if she was nervous while walking down the runway. “No” was her response as she continued to explained that she’d walked down the runway many of times before; Tara had rented dozens of Miss America DVD’s and as she watched the winners she had visualised herself in their place.

They say seeing is believing. It’s true. If you can see your future life through the lens of hope and vision, you’ll begin to believe it can happen. Forget the odds counting against you, throw out your excuses and just see! Let belief follow close behind.

What is your Vision?

I shared a message at my church in early January 2016 centered around vision. It explains how a vision can change our life. For example, until we have a vision we have no momentum to change as our insecurities cloud our potential and we see no need to lay them down. When we have vision we have motivation to ask the hard questions, to explore the unexplored and navigate through the souls grey areas.

I hope you enjoy listening. It will excite and inspire you toward your vision and help you feel and experience rather than simply wish.

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