Psychological Trauma is a medical condition caused by an emotionally overwhelming realisation. The death of a friend or physical accident.

Medical professionals have discovered one trait that is common in all Psychological Trauma cases: the realisation of truth that challenges a world view.

I am sure to varying degrees we can all recall a time when we experienced this. It’s haunting and in some cases lasts for years. The good news is you are not alone. Billions, if not everyone, experiences this condition to varying levels.

Reactions to Psychological Trauma:

  • Proactive – Addressing the truth head on.
  • Reactive – A patch up job after the damage is done.
  • Passive – Ignorance and intentional avoidance.
  • Denial – No. It’s just too hard and too much.

A common place for this condition is when people travel into a foreign culture (nicknamed ‘culture shock’). Customs, ideas, protocol and language can be so different we are thrown into stressful emotions. What do we believe, how and why? Often is cases of Psychological Trauma we experience a great sense of confusion and insecurity. Our worldview is being violently uprooted. Sound familiar?

I always wondered why Paul preached to so many Jews, explained the scripture and yet many did not believe. The book of Daniel literally prophecies the year the messiah will come and die (Daniel 9:20-27). There are thousands of fulfilled scriptures pertaining to the Messiah. I assure you, to a Greek mind we see some of it but to a Jew it was obvious. God did not hide the messiah but made it possible for the Jews to see it. Yet many did not believe for various reasons.

  • The Zealots were looking for a physical kingdom
  • The Pharisees theology denied resurrection
  • The Religious leaders were politically motivated

The fact Jesus ruined their worldview most probably sent them into a state of confusion and insecurity: Psychological Trauma. They could not accept it. For some it may have been a process of decades before they adapted to a worldview of Jesus as messiah.

I was once convinced if my friends and family could see a miracle, have a creationist worldview explained or experience the supernatural presence of Jesus, they would believe.

No. Just like us, they are human and the realisation that God is actually real can send shockwaves through their system. Their whole life and worldview is turned upside down (especially with no Christian background). Deep questions surface amid confusion and insecurity. Each person responds differently. Just like those Jews, some believe, some don’t and more specifically, some won’t.

So what to do?

In cases of Psychological Trauma the victim usually come to terms with truth through relationship with a person of trust. Someone they know and trust enough to process with.

Time, patience and more importantly, love, help people to accept the truth. It takes years for people to open up, and longer for they to embrace truth. Clearly the author of Proverbs knew what he was saying when he wrote:

He that wins souls is wise. – Proverbs 11:30

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